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Christmas or a great day is a celebration celebrated in the joy of Jesus Christ or the birth of Jesus. It falls on December 25 and that day, there is almost a vacation all over the world. The celebration of the 12 days of Christmas Christmas also begins at Christmas. Birth of Jesus in the Ennom Domini Call System, 7 to 2 a. C. It was between December 25th. The actual birth date of Jesus Christ is unknown and it seems that this date was chosen on the basis of a Roman holiday or an association with Makar Sankranti (Ayanant Frio). Give gifts at modern Christmas parties, celebrate churches and various decorations. This decoration includes Christmas trees, colorful lights, vandalism, birthing, and Holi, etc. Santa Claus (also called Santa Claus, although their origin is different) is a popular but fictional mythological figure associated with Christmas and often associated. With children’s gifts for Christmas. The media is primarily responsible for the modern form of Santa Claus.

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Christmas is celebrated by all Christians and today many non-Christians celebrate it as a secular cultural festival. During the Christmas period, it has become a major economic activity through the exchange of gifts, salmon jewelry and fun during the holidays. This is a big event for most retailers.

It will be celebrated on December 25 in most countries of the world. Christmas Eve, December 24, begins to work in Germany and other countries. In the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries, Christmas is celebrated the next day, December 26, the second holiday. In some Catholic countries, this day is also known as the day of San Esteban or the celebration of San Esteban. The Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Christmas on January 6th. According to the Julian version, the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrating the Julian calendar celebrates Christmas on December 25, with Gregorianer, who is

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employed at more jobs. Both calendars have a difference of 13 days.

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Gaj is referred to under different names in different countries. In India and neighboring countries, it’s a big day, it’s the big day. The best way to strengthen your authority over a country is to preserve your culture, civilization and religion in culture, civilization and your religion. 210 years ago, the British had increased their dominance in India. It was the moment when Christianity was to spread. That was what the English wanted. At that time, December 25 was the day since the day began to grow. Its meaning can not be denied in Hindu. Maybe that’s why it became known as Big Day, so Hindus can easily accept it.


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This Christmas

German painting, 1457
It is the belief that Jesus Christ was born from the birth of Christ as the Messiah Mary, from the Christmas story, from the religion of Matthew based on biblical narratives and teachings of the Gospel of Luke. Luke), specifically, Jesus Mary was received in Bethlehem with the help of her husband, St. Joseph. Popular Tradition Essence was born in a stable surrounded by Khtihr animals on all sides. Although neither stability nor the beast is mentioned in the Bible, Luke 2: 7 refers to a “steward” who was supposed to “wrap the cloth and put it in a manger because there was no room for them “the inn. “The old statistical science confirmed that the barn and gravel were in a cave (which is still present in the church of Bethlehem church).” The animals were asked to recite the birth of Jesus and so they saw the child [7] because the oldest people in the world believed that the birth of Jesus predicted the prophecy 100 years before his people.

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Remembering Jesus or remembering the birth of Christ is a very long tradition of the birth of Jesus in art. The Eastern Orthodox Church quickly practices the birth of Christ. There is an anticipation of the birth of Jesus, while many Western Christian religions (Western churches) celebrate Advent. In some Christian denominations, children tell

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